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Sweets don't have to be boring. There is something about confectioneries that makes us crave them all the time. At Tori's Test Kitchen, we strive to provide innovation, taste, and quality. However, only a skilled and professional baker has the nerve to pull every flavor and still manage to deliver perfection. 

Welcome to Tori's Test Kitchen, where your sweet cravings find the ultimate destination.

A Little Girl with Big Dreams

Our story starts with a little girl named Victoria, born with an immense passion and natural skill for baking. She decided on her life goal at a very early age and started working towards it by seven.

Victoria started her baking career with "Cookies by Victoria," which is a small cookie business. With the support of her family, she managed to sell her baked cookies door to door. As Victoria enters the teenage, her business matures; she changes the name from "Cookies by Victoria" to "Sweets and Things" but does not pursue this passion for some time during her teens.

She completed her studies in healthcare and started working as a clinical research coordinator. But the passion for baking was calling her, and she said yes to her passion.

With the establishment of Tori's Test Kitchen, Victoria intends to create a heaven for sweet lovers. She is all set to take online deliveries, along with selling her finest quality bakery products to the farmer's market.

Also, with her professional background in research, she is equipped with all the essential tools to try new flavors and innovation in traditional baking.

So don't hesitate and place your order with Tori's Test Kitchen to get the finest quality, mouth-watering confectioneries at highly reasonable rates.

OUR Mission

Is to deliver exceptional quality confectioneries to our clients, all fresh and straight from the oven.

our vision

Is to transform our business into a brand that offers innovative, appealing, yet highly delicious bakery products with a persistent approach towards growth and financial wellness.

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